I grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with a passion for making art in all forms, from coloring and doodling to painting murals and having fine art shows. At the Maryland Institute College of Art, my passion for art grew to include a passion for combining art and technology with a focus on user interactions and human behaviors. During my study I worked at The Maryland Science Center creating interactive displays for their Cell and Body exhibit and worked with Etsy to update the user experience of their “local sellers” section. After I graduated, I returned to Milwaukee to begin my career in UI/UX, front-end development, and design.

Outside of my career, I regularly make paintings, candles, ceramics, and anything else I find the opportunity to learn on my own, which led to me starting a successful handmade craft shop where I sell my work locally and online. I also travel often to learn about new cultures where I find inspiration for my art, as well as experience new environments and activities. I live in the mindset of “adventure is an inconvenience rightly considered” which has led me to open up and experience the world. This attitude has let me explore where things can go, and has given me many memorable and weird stories. In my free time, I enjoy hiking mountains, camping, learning to identify plants and attempting to grow them, sampling all the beers, exploring cities, making my own gins + beers, and attempting to befriend my antisocial cat.

Work History

Currently I work as a Digital Designer at Integer Group on the Coffee Team. My main focus is designing page layouts from wireframes for the Starbucks® at Home and Seattle’s Best® websites, as well as designing banners, assets and promotional sites for these companies. You can see some examples of the work I have done here in the Design section.

Before Integer I worked at Email on Acid. They make a product where you can test and view your email in the most popular email clients to ensure it looks right in all clients before you send, since there are are drastic differences in how emails render in each email client. I was the sole UI/UX designer and front-end developer for 2 years working to improve the user experience of all the EOA products.  I designed user workflows, researched current user interactions, wireframed mockups of UI, wrote up detailed interaction and functionality docs, and designed and developed the front-end of the application. I continually A/B tested for improvements and made suggestions for any areas that need to be reworked.

My favorite project in my time at EOA has been the design of the “Email Editor,” a tool where you can develop and instantly test your emails. I enjoyed working on this project because through my wireframes and user flow I was able to direct development to address customer needs and market requirements while maintaining an attractive user experience. The product was released to overwhelming positive feedback and has become one of our most used tools.

Prior to EOA I was the sole Production Artist/Developer for 3 years at a marketing agency in Milwaukee where I developed custom WordPress themes from PSDs, handled client-requested changes and built responsive sites and email campaigns from original designs. I also designed mockups for sites, updated designs, and retouched photos and reviewed sites to ensure proper use of UI/UX and debugged for IE8 and up. In addition to the work I produced I also provided guidance and gave programming demos to my digital interns.

My other experiences have been being a Designer for Kohl’s for a year and Designer/Developer for several creative agencies in Milwaukee. In college I was able to work with companies like the Maryland Science Center, Etsy and Zappos to improve their UI/UX. Though these experiences I am now able to freelance my skills and focus solely on the areas of my interests.


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